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Data Analysis and Modeling of Turbulent FlowsData Analysis and Modeling of Turbulent Flows

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Data Analysis and Modeling of Turbulent Flows


We focus on the dynamics of non-reacting and reacting flows on both fundamental and applied configurations. Our aim is to understand the physics of unstable fluid dynamical problems, which represent a bottleneck in modern energy generating systems such as gas turbines, wind turbines or rocket engines. Our research is based on high-fidelity numerical simulations and well-equipped experiments. Based on the acquired data set, we derive models that break down the essential physics by theoretical and/or purely data-driven approaches.

News of the group

  • 20.08.2020:
    We have several exciting Master thesis topics available on numerical simulations, theoretical and/or data-driven approaches using machine learning. Contact us if you are interested !

  • 14.06.2020:
    Our paper "Control of intrinsic thermoacoustic instabilities using hydrogen fuel" is accepted for the upcoming Combustion Symposium.


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